Summer of Code 2012

How does it works?

We've created a series of tasks you can pick from. For each task a needed budget is estimated.
  • If you are a developer and you want to fulfill a task you mail me (bontepaarden[AT]gmail[D0T]com) and I'll allocate the budget and assign the task to you.
    At first you don't get commit rights to the SVN of MapWinGIS. You need to send patches. Those patches will be reviewed, after that you'll get commit acces.
    When you have created the deliverables and your implementation have been tested, you'll get paid and you can continue with the next task.
  • If you are a user you can submit tasks. Mail them, along with the budget you have for the task. And I'll add them to the list.
  • If you find a task useful you can send us some money and I'll add it to the allocated budget. Tasks that have an allocated budget are more likely to be fulfilled.

PayPal form
Task name:

What is MapWinGIS?

MapWinGIS.ocx is used to provide GIS and mapping functionality to any Windows Forms based application.
MapWinGIS.ocx is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE C++ based geographic information system programming ActiveX Control and application programmer interface (API) that can be added to a Windows Form in Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, or other languages that support ActiveX, providing your application with a map.
The source code is at
The trunk version is v4.8 and a branch for v4.9 is also available.
For v4.9 Visual Studio 2010 needs to be used and the binaries need to compile for .Net v4. While developing you can stay with Visual Studio 2008 and .Net v3.5

What is MapWindow?

The MapWindow GIS Project and software development team is focused on creating tools and technologies for GIS end users and programmers that are licensed under free and open source software licenses. The main project website for the broader MapWindow project is here:
The current release of MapWindow 4.8 can be downloaded here:
The latest beta version is available at
The source code for MapWindow v4.8 is located at
The source code for v4.9 will be at

For the near future we will support a 4.8 version and a 4.9 version of both the OCX as the executable. This allows us to break backwards-compatibility. The MapWindow part of v4.9 will be completely rewritten in C#. Tasks for this process will be provided when the majority of the C++ tasks are completed.


TopX Geo-ICT - Support for MapWindow GIS