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 MapWinGIS.Shape Intersection(MapWinGIS.Shape poly1, MapWinGIS.Shape poly2)


Returns a new polygon representing the point set intersection of polygon1 with polygon2. Since v4.7 it returns null if no intersection was found.


poly1 The 2D polygon in need of clipping.
poly2 The 2D polygon used for clipping poly1.


Shape containing all points in poly1 that are also in poly2.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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Sample Code C#

 MapWinGIS.Shape intersect = new MapWinGIS.ShapeClass();
 intersect.ShapeType = inputSF.ShapefileType;
 intersect = SpatialOperations.Intersection(shp1, shp2);
 if (intersect != null)
     if (intersect.numPoints != 0 && intersect.IsValid)
         // Shapes intersect
         // Intersection returned an invalid shape
         return false;

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