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 bool BufferPolygon(ref MapWinGIS.Shape polygon, System.Double distance, MapWinGeoProc.Enumerations.Buffer_HoleTreatment holeTreatment, MapWinGeoProc.Enumerations.Buffer_CapStyle capStyle, ref MapWinGIS.Shape resultShp)


Creates a buffer around (or inside of) the input polygon at the distance specified.


polygon The polygon shape to be buffered.
distance The distance from the polygon's border that the buffer should be created.
Positive or Negative values are allowed.
holeTreatment For multiPart polygons with holes, specifies what should be done with holes.
0 = ignore (no holes will be included in result buffer), 1 = opposite (if distance is positive, hole will shrink),
2 = same (if distance is positive, hole will grow), 3 = keep original (the hole will not be buffered but will still exist inside of the buffer shape).
capStyle Edge treatment. 0 = pointed, 1 = rounded.
resultShp The resulting buffer shape.


False if an error was encountered, true otherwise.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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