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Point structure with double values This will store 3D X, Y and Z values, but has no vector functions. For that, use the vector class.


X The X coordinate of the point
Y The Y coordinate of the point
Z The Z coordinate of the point


ClosestPointOn Returns a Point corresponding to the closest point on Segment Seg to this point
Constructor This function has 5 overloads.
DistanceTo This function has 2 overloads.
IntersectsWith This function has 4 overloads.
IsCompletelyWithin Tests if this point intersects the Polygon but does not touch the border of it
IsContainedBy Tests if this point is within or touching the boundary of the Polygon but does not cross. (Since points have no size, this is the same as intersect.)
IsIdenticalTo This function has 2 overloads.
IsWithinADistanceOf This function has 2 overloads.
To_mwPoint Creates a MapWinGIS.Point from this point.
TouchesTheBoundaryOf Indicates that the point specifically lies on the boundary of the polygon, and is not contained by the polygon. This only applies to area features, for line or point features use Intersect.
ToVector Converts the point into a vector by assuming that the tail of the vector is the origin (0,0,0)

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