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A geometric angle mesured in degrees or radians the angle will wrap around, so setting larger values will result in an appropriate angle.


PI The value of 3.14159 or whatever from Math.PI


ACos Returns the mathematical ACos of the value specified
ASin Returns the mathematical ASin of the value specified
ATan Returns the mathematical ATan of the value specified
Constructor Creates a new instance of an angle with the Radians specified
Copy Returns a new instance of the Angle class with the same angle as this object.
Cos Returns the mathematical Cos of the angle specified
Equals False for anything that is not an angle. Tests two angles to see if they have the same value.
GetHashCode Gets a hash code
Sin Returns the mathematical Sin of the angle specified
Tan Returns the mathematical Tan of the angle specified


Addition Returns the sum of the two angles, cycling if greater than 2 pi.
Division Divides angle A by angle B
Equality Returns true if the two angles are equal to each other.
Explicit This function has 2 overloads.
Inequality Returns true if the two angles are equal to each other.
Multiply Multiplies angle A by Angle B.
Subtraction Returns the difference of two angles.

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