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A class supporting the affine transform.


Autosize_Cells This function will calculate a "scale" factor that should be the output pixel size. If none is specified, this function is called internally. This should prevent data loss, but may have more data than needed.
Derive_Coefficients Calculates coefficients that will be stored in the instantiated object for further transforms.
Error If you have all four corners, and you want to ensure that the affine transform that you have specified describes the result image adequately, use this function to estimate the erroroneous distance in pixels (Any value less than about 2 is generally good enough.)
Specify_CellSize If this function is called the output image will be sized so that the pixels represent these dimensions. If this function is not specified, a cellwidth will be chosen to be as small as possible while retaining data. This is done by ensuring that no edge will contain fewer pixels than the edge in the source image.

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