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 MapWinGIS.Point Centroid(ref MapWinGIS.Shape polygon)


This function returns a MapWinGIS.Point that represents the
mathematical "center of mass" for the MapWinGIS.Shape polygon.
Currently, shapes with multiple parts are supported, but treated
as island chains, not as shapes with holes. Shapes with holes
or shapes with self-intersecting parts will still return a value,
but it is not likely to be the correct value.


polygon [In] The MapWinGIS.Shape
POLYGON/POLYGONZ/POLYGONM to find the centroid of.


The centroid: a point representing the center of mass of the polygon.


this version of the function has been heavilly redone
from Angela's orginal code in order to allow for the centroid to be calculated
for many more situations.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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