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Polygon operation enumerations are used to determine which operation is to be used when clipping polygons with the Utils function ClipPolygon. Beside each enumerated operation is an example of clipping a triangle and square where the triangle covers part of the square as shown below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The triangle hides part of the square.

Name Summary
DIFFERENCE_OPERATION Image:Triangle.JPG Image:Difference.JPG Image:Square.JPG Image:Equals.JPG Image:Difference_Operation.JPG
INTERSECTION_OPERATION Image:Triangle.JPG Image:Intersection.JPG Image:Square.JPG Image:Equals.JPG Image:Intersection_Operation.JPG
EXCLUSIVEOR_OPERATION Image:Triangle.JPG Image:ExclusiveOr.JPG Image:Square.JPG Image:Equals.JPG Image:ExclusiveOr_Operation.JPG
UNION_OPERATION Image:Triangle.JPG Image:Union.JPG Image:Square.JPG Image:Equals.JPG Image:Union_Operation.JPG

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