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Clip Shapefile With Polygon

This tool allows the user to clip one polygon by using a second polygon from another shapefile.

Click on [GIS Tools]

Click on [VECTOR]

Click on [CLIP SHAPEFILE WITH POLYGON] and the clip shapefile box will open


Select a shapefile to clip from the dropdown list (if already loaded in MapWindow GIS) or browse to one using the button on the far side (folder icon).

Select a POLYGON shapefile to clip with from the drop-down list or browse to one.

Click the [SELECT SHAPES] button. The cursor will turn into the selection tool (hand) and the user can now click on the shapes that the user want to do the clipping with.

Click the [DONE] button (it has replaced the [SELECT SHAPES] button of the previous step). The number of shapes that the user selected will be displayed on the bottom of the form.

If the user do not like the default result file name, rename it or browse to a file that the user would like to save the results to (any previous contents will be over-written).

Click the [OK] button. The cursor should change to an hour glass and the form will close when it has completed the process.

The clipped shapes should now be displayed on the screen (unless the user unchecked the (Add Results to Map)option).

The user should not need to have any projection set when using the clipping tools. They should work with whatever coordinates are given.

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