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The tkCursor enumerations specify the cursors that can be used with the map.


Name Summary
crsrAppStarting Image:CursorAppStarting.jpg
crsrArrow Image:CursorArrow.jpg
crsrCross Image:CursorCross.jpg
crsrHelp Image:CursorHelp.jpg
crsrIBeam Image:CursorIBeam.jpg
crsrMapDefault Image:CursorArrow.jpg
crsrNo Image:CursorNo.jpg
crsrSizeAll Image:CursorizeAll.jpg
crsrSizeNESW Image:CursorSizeNESW.jpg
crsrSizeNS Image:CursorSizeNS.jpg
crsrSizeNWSE Image:CursorSizeNWSE.jpg
crsrSizeWE Image:CursorSizeWE.jpg
crsrUpArrow Image:CursorUpArrow.jpg
crsrWait Image:CursorWait.jpg
crsrUserDefined User defined cursor.

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