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Summary description for BufferPoly.


BufferPoint Creates a circle (buffer) around a point.
BufferLine Creates a buffer around a line shape.
BufferPolygon Creates a buffer shape around the polygon.
BufferSimplePoly Creates a buffer around a single-part polygon.
ClosePolyBuffer Creates an end-cap for a polygon that has been processed through BufferLine() so that
the first and last points will be connected correctly.
CombineOverlappingParts This assumes that every shape in the input shapefile are going to be combined later
as a multiPart shape. It checks to see if any of the parts overlap, if they do, and if
they have the same orientation (hole or island) then the parts will be combined.
BufferPointSF Buffers all points in the point shapefile.
BufferLineSF Buffers all lines in the input line shapefile.
BufferPolygonSF Buffers all polygons in the input polygon shapefile.
UniteShapes Combines all overlapping shapes in the shapefile.
InsertFieldIDs Inserts the 'ID' attribute into the DBF table along
with ID values for each shape in the shapefile.

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