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Draw Circles around Selected Points

This example illustrates how to select the points from a shapefile and then distinguish these points by drawing spatially referenced circles around them. This takes advantage of the fact that the radii of these circles are a certain pixel radius, so that as you zoom in or out, the selection circles will remain the same size.

     'This sub responds to a command is called by a button or menu to start selecting
     Private Sub SelectMode()
         AxMap1.CursorMode = MapWinGIS.tkCursorMode.cmSelection
         AxMap1.SendMouseDown = True
         AxMap1.SendSelectBoxFinal = True
     End Sub
     Private Sub AxMap1_MouseDownEvent(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As AxMapWinGIS._DMapEvents_MouseDownEvent) Handles AxMap1.MouseDownEvent
         Dim Shapes() As Integer
         Dim ex As New MapWinGIS.Extents
         Dim Result As Boolean
         Dim x1, y1, x2, y2 As Double
         Dim PixelBuffer As Integer
         If AxMap1.CursorMode = MapWinGIS.tkCursorMode.cmSelection Then
             'For point or line layers set up a rectangular extent of a 10x10 pixel grid
             PixelBuffer = 5 'For selecting exact polygons, use PixelBuffer = 0.
             AxMap1.PixelToProj(e.x - PixelBuffer, e.y + PixelBuffer, x1, y1)
             AxMap1.PixelToProj(e.x + PixelBuffer, e.y - PixelBuffer, x2, y2)
             ex.SetBounds(x1, y1, 0, x2, y2, 0)
             Result = shpLayers(SelectedLayer).SelectShapes(ex, 0, MapWinGIS.SelectMode.INTERSECTION, Shapes)
             AxMap1.SendSelectBoxFinal = True
         End If
     End Sub
     'SelectedLayer is the integer handle specifying the currently selected layer
     'shpLayers() is an array of Shapefile objects storing all the current layers
     'tvSelection is a treeview that shows information about selected shapes
     'SelectBoxesLayer is an integer value storing the handle to the drawing layer   
     Private Sub Select_Shapes(ByVal Shapes() As Integer)
         Dim I As Integer
         Dim nd As TreeNode
         If SelectBoxesLayer > -1 Then AxMap1.ClearDrawing(SelectBoxesLayer)
         For I = 0 To Shapes.GetUpperBound(0)
             nd = tvSelection.Nodes.Add("Well ID: " & shpLayers(SelectedLayer).CellValue(0, Shapes(I)))
             nd.Nodes.Add("Data Source: " & shpLayers(SelectedLayer).CellValue(8, Shapes(I)))
             nd.Nodes.Add("Address: " & shpLayers(SelectedLayer).CellValue(10, Shapes(I)))
         Next I
         'Draw a thick cyan circle around each selected point
         SelectBoxesLayer = AxMap1.NewDrawing(MapWinGIS.tkDrawReferenceList.dlSpatiallyReferencedList)
         For I = 0 To Shapes.GetUpperBound(0)
             Dim pt As MapWinGIS.Point
             pt = shpLayers(SelectedLayer).QuickPoint(Shapes(I), 0)
             AxMap1.DrawCircle(pt.x, pt.y, 11, Convert.ToUInt32(RGB(0, 200, 200)), False)
             AxMap1.DrawCircle(pt.x, pt.y, 12, Convert.ToUInt32(RGB(0, 200, 200)), False)
             AxMap1.DrawCircle(pt.x, pt.y, 13, Convert.ToUInt32(RGB(0, 200, 200)), False)
         Next I
     End Sub

Code Posted by Shade1974 on January 16, 2006

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