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The DataManagement namespace will contain basic file handling routines
such as copy and delete, as well as some more complex methods for appending and merging..


RenameGrid Rename a grid (or move it's path) and all associated files.
RenameShapefile Rename a shapefile and all associated files.
CopyGrid Copies a grid and all associated files from one destination path to another.
CopyShapefile Copies a shapefile and all associated files.
DeleteGrid Deletes the grid and associated files (.bmp, .bpw, .mwleg, .prj).
DeleteShapefile Deletes shapefile and associated files (.shx, .dbf, .prj).
AppendShapefile Not Implemented
Appends one shapefile to another. No intersection/union operation is performed
on overlapping shapes. The input shapefile is overwritten.
Dissolve Not Implemented
Removes shapes from the shapefile that contain a specified attribute.
MergeGrids Not Implemented
Combines two grids into one.
MergeShapefiles Not Implemented
Combines two shapefiles into one.

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