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HydroProc provides methods for watershed delineation.


AreaD8 Not Implemented
Generates an area D8 grid which shows the paths of highest flow and can be used to delineate stream networks.
D8 Not Implemented
Generates a D8 directional grid by assigning a number from 1 to 8 (0 to 7 in some algorithms) based on a direction to the lowest elevation cell surrounding that cell.
DefineStreamGrid Not Implemented
Generates a grid containing values only in cells categorized as 'stream path cells' by the accumulation threshold method.
DefineSubBasinGrid Not Implemented
Generates a subBasin grid by forming zones encompassing each stream segment based on layout of the matching D8, with each cell in the zone being assigned a unique identifier.
PitFill Not Implemented
Results in a DEM grid with pits (cells with surrounding cells all higher elevation) filled and plains (areas where there is no change to elevation) estimated to allow a flow path from all locations on the grid.
StreamGridToShape Not Implemented
Generates a stream network shapefile by converting the stream grid into a polyline shapefile.
SubBasinGridToShape Not Implemented
Generates a SubBasin shapefile formed by converting the zoned grid file into bordering polygons.

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