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IDW(string InPointsPath, int InValueFieldIndex, string OutGridPath, double CellSize, 
double Power, MapWinGeoProc.Interpolation.IDWNeighborhoodType NeighborhoodType)


Inverse Distance Weighting Interpolation


InPointsPath Input point shapefile path to interpolate
InValueFieldIndex Input field index where interpolation value is stored
OutGridPath Output grid path where interpolation is stored
CellSize Cell Size for output grid. Default lower of points extent height or width divided by 250
Power Power variable for IDW algorithm. 0 lt p lt 1 will give sharp changes. >1 will give smoother. Default 2.
NeighborhoodType Variable is a variable number of nearest points. Fixed is all points in a fixed distance

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code

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