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Adapter Supports some functions related to polygon adjacency etc.
Angle A geometric angle mesured in degrees or radians the angle will wrap around, so setting larger values will result in an appropriate angle.
Extents A primitive rectangle class for holding double values Since we define it in terms of X, Y and Z, this is an axis-aligned bounding box (AABB).
Point In the event that we don't have MapWinGIS, this provides a useful point class with double values This will store 3D X, Y and Z values, but has no vector functions. For that, use the vector class.
Polygon A structure representing a single closed polygon. This would represent a single part of a polygon shape. No holes. Unlike a shapefile, this polygon does not list the first point again at the end. (This prevents confusion when adding points to the list.)
Segment Stores a set of double values that represents a line segment.
ShapeCategories A grouping that categorizies the shape types
Vector Contains a magnitude and direction Supports more fundamental calculations than Segment, rather than topological functions

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