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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I performed a projection-related operation and didn't get an output file!

Check the location that the output file was supposed to be created for a file called 'ErrorLog.txt'. This file will contain an error message about why the file wasn't created. If this is unintelligable or you believe it to be evidence of a bug, please submit it to our BugZilla System at:

Please note that our projection support is currently a little weak when it comes to datum shifting, e.g. converting from NAD27 to NAD83. This is already on our wish list. Chances are good that your projection operation will succeed, but this could be one reason why it may fail.

2. I had some other problem with output not appearing as expected, or my output file wasn't created and there's no ErrorLog.txt.

Please submit a bug report to our BugZilla System at If possible, please upload or provide a link to an example peice of data that will cause the problem to occur.

3. I know of functionality that you have in your API (including MapWinX) that I would like to see exposed through this plug-in.

Please submit a feature request to our BugZilla System at

4. My question is not answered here. What do I do?

There are a few options. The option that will probably get the fastest result is to post your question on our forums at - if you'd like, you can then return to this page and use the Edit tab to append your question and answer to this list. Please leave this "My Question Isn't Answered" question as the last one.

The next option is to directly contact an administrator at and request that your question be added to this list.

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