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Turning on Plug Ins

Plug Ins are extra tools and capabilities which enable a range of extra capabilities to MapWindow, including the ability to create and edit shapefiles.

To enable a Plug-in, in the top menu, click on [Plug-ins], then select the relevant Plug-in.

Repeat to select additional Plug-ins. This will then open the additional menu???s and toolbar icons for each of these as listed in the Plug-ins Menus section.

Key Plug-ins

Key Plug-ins are bundled with MapWindow installer, including:

- GISTools which contains a range of tools to edit Raster and Vector layers. See Plug-ins menus for list of tools

- Shapefile Editor - a critical plug-in to create and edit shapefiles and their attributes

- Document Launcher - enables hotlinks to open other files or URL's listed in shapefile attributes

Other Plug-ins

For a full list of other Plug-ins, go to the MapWindow Downloads page

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