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Adding Map Layers

There are two main types of data to add or show in MapWindow, Raster and Vector.

Raster data is generally imagery, such as aerial or satellite images.

Vector data is generally composed of shapes or layers of some form ???and will be in the form of shapefiles.

Image:image055.gif MapWindow supports three different types of Shapefiles:

Point Shapefile: Composed of individual points. Cannot have vertices, as the point itself is the shape.

Polygon Shapefile: Composed of solid shapes (areas) which are, in turn, composed of interconnected vertices. These are anchor points about which the lines composing the shape turn.

Polyline Shapefile: Composed of line segments that may be interconnected but don't have to be. Can have vertices; these can be anchor points about which a line turns, for example.

Each GIS data set will be added to the map project as a single layer

- Add data by clicking on the Image:image018.gif Add Data icon, or by clicking on [VIEW] then [ADD LAYER]

- When the Add Map Layer window opens, navigate to the data directory the user wants, then click on the GIS data the user wants to add it as a new layer in the users project.

- To add multiple layers at once, hold down the control key and select each addition layer by clicking on it.

- Click the [OPEN] button. The new layer/s will be added to the project

Removing a Layer from the Map

Removing a layer does not remove or delete the underlying data, it just removes the reference to the layer from the project.

- Right-click on the layer in the legend, a new menu will popup.

- Click on [REMOVE LAYER]

- Or select the layer, click on [VIEW] then [REMOVE LAYER].

If the user right-click on a layer in the legend, a new menu will popup. By selecting [CLEAR LAYERS], it will ask the user to confirm and then remove all layers.

Using the Legend to Control Layers

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