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Changing the Layer Display properties.

Changing the properties of a layer does not affect the underlying data. The layer properties are project dependent and will not modify any information stored against the map source. However, on first use of a layer where display properties are set, this will create a new file with .mwsr extension. This will become the default display for any further uses of this layer, unless these properties are defined in the Project file, which will override these.

To change the layer properties, double-click on the layer in the legend and the Legend Editor appears ; Image:image060.jpg

- Coloring Scheme - allows users to use colors to distinguish between features in a shapefile based on a field in the attributes. See Changing Color Schemes of Layers.

- Display Name box. If text is changed, this will be the new layer name displayed in the legend and on printed maps, but will not alter the layer filename.

- Fill Color ??? click on the colored box to open a color chart to change the fill color for polygon shapes

- Fill Style ??? can be used to select hatched or lined fill

- Label Setup ??? see Adding Labels to Layers section for more detail

- Line Style ??? use this to change the style of lines for line shapes

- Line Width ??? change how thick a line will display.

- Outline Colour ??? can change the outline for a polygon to the same or different colour as the Fill colour.

- Show Fill ??? this will turn the fill colour on (true) or off (false) for polygons. To have a clear polygon, select False.

- Transparency Percent ??? sets how transparent the fill for polygons can be ??? 0 means the fill will block everything behind it. Higher number will allow items behind the fill to show through.

-Click the [X] button to close the Layer Properties dialog. The legend will update to show the new layer properties.

Then save the users project

Making the Layer Scalable

Making a layer scalable will result in a layer not showing on a map until the user has zoomed into a particular scale. This is useful for layers that show far too much detail when viewing an entire area, such as property boundaries, but are useful when zoomed in. To do this:

- Zoom into the scale that the user want the desired layer to appear

- Double click on the layer in the legend

- Click the Dynamic Visibility Disabled line and a drop-down arrow will appear. Click on the drop-down arrow

- Put a check in (Use Dynamic Visibility) Click on the drop-down arrow again

- Click the [USE CURRENT EXTENT] button

- Close the Legend Editor.

NOTE: If the user sets up a dynamic visibility, and then unselect the layer in the legend, it will reset the dynamic visibility to disabled. This means the user will have to reset it again.

Adding Labels to Layers

Changing Color Schemes of Layers

Moving Around a Map

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