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Adding a Label to a Layer

Labels are an easy way to add dynamic textual labels to geometry features on the map. MapWindow will extract a field from the map data to be used as the label text, with up to two label fields per layer.

To add labels to a layer;

- Double Click on the layer in the legend window.

- Click on Label Setup


- Click on the button right of Edit on the Label Setup line.


- Select the (Label Field for First Line) drop-down and select the field to label with.

- Select the (Label Field for Second Line) drop-down and select the secondary label field.

- Change the colour if required, and select Use Label Shadow if required

- Click [Apply] to check how these changes look, then [OK], or just [OK].


To remove the labelling for a layer, set the (Label Field) values to none.

Click OK to close the window, and labels will disappear.

NOTE: When a layer is given a label for the first time, a file with the extension .lbl will be created with the layer files. This will act as the default labelling scheme for future use of the layer, but will be overridden by the Project file.

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