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Moving Around a Map

When working with a map it may be necessary to zoom in to view an area in more detail, or zoom out to see a larger area, or pan to move the view around.

If the users mouse has a scroll wheel on top, it can be used to zoom in by rolling it forward, or zoom out by rolling backward.

Zooming In

- Click the Image:image028.jpg [ZOOM IN] button on the Tools toolbar, move the mouse over the map, single click to zoom in around a point.

- Zoom in to a specific area. Click and hold the left mouse. Move the mouse to drag a rectangle to create the area the user wish to zoom to. Release the mouse button to complete the zoom.

- When in Zoom Out mode, a right-click on the mouse will zoom in.

Zooming Out

- Click the Image:image030.jpg [ZOOM OUT] button on the Tools Toolbar, move the mouse over the map. Single Click to zoom out around a point

- When in Zoom In mode, a right-click on the mouse will Zoom Out

Zooming to Full Extent

Zooming to full extent resets the map view so that every feature of very layer is contained within the visible extent

- Click the Image:image072.gif [ZOOM] button on the Tools toolbar

- Select [FULL EXTENTS] in drop down menu

Zooming to Previous or Next Extent

Zooming to previous extent allows stepping back through past map views. For example, start with a map view at full extent then zoom in to an area on the map. Now click the previous extent button; the map will return to the most recent previous map view, which was the full extent.

- For Zooming To Previous Extent Click the [ZOOM] button on the Tools Toolbar then select [PREVIOUS] on drop-down menu

- For Zooming To Next Extent Click on the [ZOOM] button on the Tools Tool bar then select [NEXT] on drop-down menu

Zoom to Layer Extent

Zoom to a layers extent will set the map display to an area just big enough to show every feature in the currently selected layer.

- Right-click on the layer in the legend, a new menu opens. Click on [ZOOM TO LAYER] or

- Click on the [ZOOM] button on the main toolbar then [LAYER] on drop-down menu


Panning allows the user to move the map display around to show areas outside of the current viewing area without changing the scale of the map.

- Click the Image:image020.gif Pan button on the Tools toolbar.

- Move the mouse over the map.

- Click and hold down the left mouse button.

- Move the mouse, still holding down the mouse button. The map will move with the mouse.

- Release the mouse button to complete the pan operation

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