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Editing a Layer

MapWindow supports basic capabilities for editing spatial data. Before performing any edits, always make a backup of the dataset the user is about to edit. Key files to copy when backing up a shapefile include any files ending in .prj, .dbf, .shp, and .shx.

To edit an existing layer, highlight the layer in the legend.

- Add features by clicking on the Image:image082.gif [Add Shape] icon and moving the cursor to the point to be added.

- Enter x, y (point) values by left clicking on the location where a point or vertex should be added. For line or polygon features, continue left-clicking to add additional vertices, then right-click to finish editing the feature.

- To move a point, click on [Move Vertex] Image:image084.jpg icon, then select the point to be moved by left-clicking on it, then drag the selected point to the correct location and release the mouse button.

- To delete a shape from the shapefile, first click the Image:image086.jpg Select icon from the toolbar. Next, select one or more shapes to be deleted with the mouse. They will change colour to indicate they???re selected now, click the Image:image088.jpg Delete Shape button. The user will be asked if the user is sure; after answering [Yes] the shape(s) will be deleted.

- If the shapefile being created is a Polygon or a line, the user can add or remove a vertex from the existing shapefile using the Image:image090.gif [Add Vertex] or Image:image092.gif [Remove Vertex] buttons.

Using Table Editor to Edit Attribute Table

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