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Using Table Editor to Edit Attribute Table

This allows users to edit the table or data in the attribute table. This is the table of information which sits in the background of a layer.

- Highlight or select the layer in the legend.

- Click on Image:image094.gif [Attribute Table Editor] button to open the attribute table for editing

- The Table Editor will open: Image:image096.gif

Editing Cells in Attribute Table

To edit the content of any cells in the table, click on the cell and enter the required information. Users must move to another field for changes to be recorded to a field.

To assign a single value to multiple records in a field;

- Select the multiple records (rows) in the attribute table to receive the value

- Right click on the desired field heading, the menu box will open: Image:image163.jpg

- Select Assign Values (Selected Records), the Assign Values box will open Image:image164.jpg

- Enter the value required and click on OK. Repeat with other fields if required.

- Click on Apply in the Attribute Table Editor when all edits are completed, to save the edits. Click close to return to map.

To Add, Remove or Rename Fields (columns)

- Select [Edit] then

o [Add a Field] add an attribute column to the attribute table.

o [Remove a Field] deletes an attribute column from the attribute table.

o [Rename a Field] Change the name of an attribute column.

If you select to add a field, the Add Field box will open; Image:image098.gif

The type can be one of the following: Double, Integer, or String.

Integer is a number without decimal places.

If Double is selected, the precision, or places to the right of the decimal point, is enabled.

String is used for text content fields.

Select the appropriate field width (characters) for the field.

Using Field Calculator

The field calculator allows the user to build an expression and use the results to populate an attribute column.

- To use, Click on [Tools] then [Field Calculator Tool], which will open the Calculator box;


- Build the Query - See Table Editor Functions for a list of functions which can be used in the query.

- Select the Field name the results will be saved to

- Click on OK

- If only textual queries are required, click on the 'Switch to String (textual) calculator' link. This will open the Textual calculator box


- Build query and select field name the results will be saved to, then click on OK

To Import Attributes Field Definitions from another layer attribute table

This is useful when a new shapefile has been created, and user wants to have the same field definitions as existing shapefiles. This option creates a copy of all the attribute table fields, including formats (double, integer or string) and field names. It does not copy attribute data.

- Click on Import Field Definitions icon Image:import.gif

- Browse to the existing shapefile.dbf with the required definitions and click [Open]

- Add or delete fields if required.

Create or Update Length, Area or Perimeter Attributes

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