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Using Document Launcher to Add Hotlinks

Functionally, the Document Launcher plug-in will be activated when a shape in a shapefile is selected. If the shapefile has an attribute field entitled FileOrURL and the selected shape has text in that attribute column, then the plug-in will seek to launch that path as a file or a URL.

Most commonly, this is used to launch images or web pages associated with given shapes. For instance, if the field contained a link to a photo, then the photo would be displayed.

- Users will need to add a field to the layer attribute table named FileOrURL as a text field

- This field will need to have the full path information on the relevant document in the field

- The field can contain only the folder path, which will open the folder to view all files.

- Click on the [Plug-in] button on the main menu

- Select [Document Launcher].

- Click on the Image:image086.jpg [Select] icon in the main toolbar

- When an item is selected the program will try to find the file and open in the relevant program.

For example, a feature with the filepath in the FileOrURL field will open the MapWindow Website when selected, or C:\My documents\my pictures\image.jpg will open this image

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