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Visual Basic dot Net Examples

Iterate through the points or attributes in a shapefile

Create a new POLYLINE shapefile

Serialize Shapes

Center the map on a specific X, Y

Color Shapes selected by a selection box

Color individual shapes based on DBF Values

Only Show Labels when Zoomed In

Add labels using information from a different layer

Obtain Snapshot using an API Call

Selecting Shapes

Export Selected Shapes

Draw Circles around Selected Points


Add Rotated Labels to Current Extent

Spatially Referenced Radius Circle Class

Parts of a Polygon Containing a Point

Measuring Tool

Multiple Custom Icons in the same Point Shapefile Layer

Use Custom Icons when Zoomed In

Obtain a list of points defining a geodesic curve

Set multiple images for a point shapefile

Copy Shapes Matching specific Field Criteria


Enable the Mouse Wheel Event in a Subclass of the Map

Label Roads using Custom Shield Images with Routes

Subclass the map to draw on top of it

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