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 bool GetRow(int row, ref float vals)


This is a faster way to read the array values that are of a specific size. The row is the integer row to read from the grid object. The vals variable is actually the first element of the array of floats that you want to be populated with the values from the grid. Since arrays are stored sequentially in memory, passing the first element allows the prediction of where the other values must go. It is very important that you always dimension the array as being of type float, and always make sure that you dimension it from 0 to numCols - 1.


row The Integer value of the row to retrieve values for.
vals Reference to the first element of the array of floats that will hold the row of values.


Boolean false if there was an error, true otherwise.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code

     'Requires reference to MapWinGIS
     'mwSourceGrid is already instantiated and opened from an existing grid file
     'SourceGrid is dimensioned as Dim SourceGrid(MaxCol, MaxRow) as Float
     Public Function CopySource(ByVal mwSourceGrid As MapWinGIS.Grid) As Single(,)
         Dim row, col As Integer
         Dim vals() As Single
         m_mrow = mwSourceGrid.Header.NumberRows - 1
         m_mcol = mwSourceGrid.Header.NumberCols - 1
         Dim SourceGrid(m_mcol, m_mrow) As Single
         For row = 0 To m_mrow
             ReDim vals(m_mcol)
             mwSourceGrid.GetRow(row, vals(0))
             For col = 0 To m_mcol
                 SourceGrid(col, row) = vals(col)
         Return SourceGrid
     End Function

Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code

 // Reference to MapWinGIS required
 // MapWinGIS.Grid object has already been instantiated and opened
 // SourceGrid has already been dimensioned [MaxCol, MaxRow]
 public bool CopySource(MapWinGIS.Grid mwSourceGrid, ref float[,] SourceGrid)
     for (int row = 0; row <= pf_MaxRow; row++)
         float[] vals = new float[pf_MaxCol];
         // Read an entire row by passing the first element byref.
         // The GetRow function will return all the values
         mwSourceGrid.GetRow(row, vals[0]);
         for (int col = 0; col <= pf_MaxCol; col++)
             // Populate the SourceGrid by directly reading values from the grid
             SourceGrid[col, row] = vals[col];
 }//End CopySource

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