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VB.NET Usage

Function PutFloatWindow(StartRow As Integer, EndRow As Integer, StartCol As Integer, EndCol As Integer, ByRef Vals As Single) As Boolean


StartRow Integer
EndRow Integer
StartCol Integer
EndCol Integer
Vals Single
Return Value Boolean

VB.NET Sample Code

C# Usage

bool PutFloatWindow(int StartRow, int EndRow, int StartCol, int EndCol, ref float Vals)


StartRow int
EndRow int
StartCol int
EndCol int
Vals float
Return Value bool

C# Sample Code

VB 6 Usage

Function PutFloatWindow(StartRow As Long, EndRow As Long, StartCol As Long, EndCol As Long, ByRef Vals As Single) As Boolean


StartRow Long
EndRow Long
StartCol Long
EndCol Long
Vals Single
Return Value Boolean

VB 6 Sample Code

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