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MapWindow Desktop User Guide

This is a user guide containing information on how to use the MapWindow desktop software for GIS mapping operations.

Note that much of this is adapted from the Introduction to MapWindow GIS 4.3 tutorial by Gary Watry, Daniel P. Ames, Ph.D. and Christopher Michaelis, available for download from the [|MapWindow Tutorials page]

A downloadable version of the Desktop User Guide, including much of the information below plus screenshots, is available from the [|MapWindow Support Page].

The instructions are related mainly to working with Vector data, Raster data or both. Those specific to a data type have the type beside it, or blank if it is non specific.


The Standard Toolbars

Additional Plug-ins Menus

Turning on Plug-Ins

Creating and Editing MapWindow Projects

Adding Map Data to a Project

Using the Legend to Control the Layers

Changing the Layer Display Properties (Vector)

Adding a Label to a Layer (Vector)

Adding a Color Scheme to Layers (Vector)

Display and Modify Map Scale Bar

Moving Around a Map

Finding Map Information (Vector)

Measuring Shapes (Vector)

Printing and Exporting Maps

Using Projections


Creating Data or Layers (Vector)

Editing Layers (Vector)

Using Table Editor to Edit Attribute Table (Vector)

Create or Update Length, Area or Perimeter Attributes (Vector)

Table Editor Field Calculator Functions (Vector)

Using Document Launcher to Add Hotlinks (Vector)

Buffer Shapes (Vector)

Snapping New Features to Other Shapefiles (Vector)

GIS Tools Plug In Usage

GISTools Plug-in User's Guide

This section gives greater detail on usage of GISTools Plug In capabilities.

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