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Methods and Properties


Returns the indices of all labels that fall inside specified bounding box. The bounding box must be defined in screen pixels.




True if at least one label fell into selection and false otherwise. Don't use LabelIndices and PartIndices arrays unless function returned success.


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C# : bool Select(MapWinGis.Extents BoundingBox, int Tolerance, MapWinGis.SelectMode SelectMode, ref object LabelIndices, ref object PartIndices)
VB6: Function Select(BoundingBox as Extents, [Tolerance as Long], [SelectMode as SelectMode = INTERSECTION], LabelIndices, PartIndices)
BoundingBox bounding box in screen pixels.
Tolerance Optional. The distance in pixels on which bounding box will be extended to include neibouring labels. The default value = 0.
SelectMode Optional. The mode of selection being used. The default value = INTERSECTION.
LabelIndices the array which will return indices of labels that fall into selection.
PartIndices the array which will return part index for each label from the LabelIndices array.