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The IMapWin interface is the root interface for the MapWindow. All other interfaces can be accessed or used through this interface.

Property Members

Name Access Summary
ApplicationInfo : AppInfo public Provides control over application-level settings like the app name.
DisplayFullProjectPath : Boolean public Specify whether the full project path should be specified rather than just filename, in title bar for main window.
LastError : String public Gets the last error message set. Note: This error message could have been set at any time.
Layers : Layers public Returns the Layers object that handles layers.
Menus : Menus public Returns the Menus object that manages the menus.
Plugins : Plugins public Returns the Plugins object that manages plugins.
PreviewMap : PreviewMap public Returns the PreviewMap object that manages the preview map.
Project : Project public Provides control over project and configuration files.
Reports : Reports public Provides access to report generation methods and properties.
StatusBar : StatusBar public Returns the StausBar object that manages the status bar.
Toolbar : Toolbar public Returns the Toolbar object that manages toolbars.
View : View public Returns the View object that handles the map view.

Method Members

Name Access Summary
ClearCustomWindowTitle() : Void public Returns dialog title for the main window to the default "project name" title.
GetProjectionFromUser() : String public Prompt the user to select a projection, and return the PROJ4

representation of this projection. Specify the dialog caption and

an optional default projection ("" for none).
Refresh() : Void public Refreshes the MapWindow display.
SetCustomWindowTitle() : Void public Sets the dialog title to be displayed after the "AppInfo" name

for the main window. Overrides the default "project name"

ShowErrorDialog() : Void public Displays the MapWindow error dialog.

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