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The AppInfo interface allows access to MapWindow-related data like versions, whether to display splash screens, and the help file path.

Property Members

Name Access Summary
ApplicationName : String public The application name to be displayed in the title bar.
DefaultDir : String public The default directory for file dialogs
FormIcon : Icon public The icon to be displayed as the default form icon
HelpFilePath : String public The path to the help file to be displayed from the Help menu.
ShowWelcomeScreen : Boolean public Whether or not to show a welcome screen (overriding the Splash Screen)
SplashPicture : Image public The image to be displayed on the splash screen.
SplashTime : Double public How long the splash screen should be displayed
URL : String public The URL to be displayed on the Help->About dialog.
UseSplashScreen : Boolean public Whether to display a splash screen on starting the application
WelcomePlugin : String public The name of the plugin responsible for displaying a custom welcome screen in response to the WELCOME_SCREEN message.

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