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The draw interface is used to add custom drawing to the MapWindow view.

Property Members

Name Access Summary
DoubleBuffer : Boolean public Specifies whether or not to use double buffering. Double

buffering makes the drawing of the custom drawings smoother (not

flickering). It is recommended that you use double buffering.

Method Members

Name Access Summary
ClearDrawing() : Void public Clears all custom drawing on the specified drawing layer.
ClearDrawings() : Void public Clears all custom drawings on all drawing layers.
DrawCircle() : Void public Draws a circle on the current drawing layer.
DrawLine() : Void public Draws a line on the current drawing layer.
DrawPoint() : Void public Draws a point on the current drawing layer.
DrawPolygon() : Void public Draws a polygon on the current drawing layer.
NewDrawing() : Int32 public Creates a new drawing layer.

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