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An object that represents a menu item within the Main Menu

Property Members

Name Access Summary
BeginsGroup : Boolean public Gets/Sets whether or not this item should draw a dividing line between itself and any items before this item
Category : String public Gets/Sets the category for this item (used when the user customizes the menu)
Checked : Boolean public Gets/Sets the checked state of the item
Cursor : Cursor public Gets/Sets the cursor used when the mouse is over this control
Description : String public Gets/Sets the description of this menu item, used in customization of menu by the user
Displayed : Boolean public Gets/Sets the Displayed state of this item
Enabled : Boolean public Gets/Sets the enabled state of this item
Name : String public Gets the Name of this item
NumSubItems : Int32 public Gets the count of the submenu items contained within this item
Picture : Object public Gets/Sets the icon for the menu item
Text : String public Gets/Sets the Text shown for the MenuItem
Tooltip : String public Gets/Sets the tool tip text that will pop up for the item when a mouse over event occurs
Visible : Boolean public Gets/Sets the visibility state of this item

Method Members

Name Access Summary
SubItem() : MenuItem public Gets a submenu item by its 0-based index
SubItem() : MenuItem public Gets a submenu item by its string name

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