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Interface for manipulating plugins

Property Members

Name Access Summary
Count : Int32 public number of available plugins
Item : IPlugin public Gets an IPlugin object from the list of all loaded plugins 0-based index into the list of plugins
PluginFolder : String public Gets or Sets the default folder where plugins are loaded from

Method Members

Name Access Summary
AddFromDir() : Boolean public Adds any compatible plugins from a directory(recursive into subdirs)
AddFromFile() : Boolean public Add a plugin from a file
BroadcastMessage() : Void public Sends a broadcast message to all loaded plugins
Clear() : Void public clears all plugins from the list of available plugins, but doesn't unload loaded plugins
GetPluginKey() : String public Returns the key belonging to a plugin with the given name. An empty string is returned if the name is not found.
LoadFromObject() : Boolean public Loads a plugin from an instance of an object
LoadFromObject() : Boolean public Loads a plugin from an instance of an object
PluginIsLoaded() : Boolean public Checks to see if a plugin is currently loaded (running)
Remove() : Void public Removes a plugin from the list of available plugins and unloads the plugin if loaded
ShowPluginDialog() : Void public Shows the dialog for loading/starting/stopping plugins
StartPlugin() : Boolean public Starts (loads) a specified plugin
StopPlugin() : Void public Stops (unloads) a specified plugin

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