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Object given back when a button is added to a toolbar. This object can then be used to manipulate (change properties) for the button.

Property Members

Name Access Summary
BeginsGroup : Boolean public Gets/Sets a flag indicating that this item starts a new group by drawing a seperator line if necessary
Category : String public Gets/Sets the Category for this ToolbarButton item (used when user is customizing the Toolbar)
Cursor : Cursor public Gets/Sets the Cursor for this control
Description : String public Gets/Sets the description for the control (used when the user customizes the Toolbar)
Displayed : Boolean public Gets/Sets a flag marking whether or not this ToolbarButton is displayed
Enabled : Boolean public Gets/Sets the enabled state
Name : String public Gets the name of the ToolbarButton item
NumSubItems : Int32 public Gets the number of subitems
Picture : Object public Gets/Sets the picture for the ToolbarButton
Pressed : Boolean public Gets/Sets the pressed state of the ToolbarButton
Text : String public Gets/Sets the Text/Caption of the ToolbarButton
Tooltip : String public Gets/Sets the tooltip text for the control
Visible : Boolean public Gets/Sets the visibility of the ToolbarButton

Method Members

Name Access Summary
SubItem() : ToolbarButton public Returns the Subitem with the specified zero-based index (null if out of range)
SubItem() : ToolbarButton public returns the Subitem with the specified name (null if it doesn't exist)

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