MapWindow User's Guide

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This is the User's Guide for the MapWindow Application.

What is MapWindow?

MapWindow is a "Programmable Geographic Information System" that supports manipulation, analysis, and viewing of geospatial data and associated attribute data in several standard GIS data formats. MapWindow was developed to address the need for a GIS programming tool that could be used in engineering research and project software, without requiring end users to purchase a complete GIS system, or become GIS experts.

For example, a researcher or company may want to deploy a tool that lets users build and interact with maps of GPS data overlaid on USGS quad maps. One approach is to build the tool as an extension to a popular GIS software, and then require users to purchase that software to run the extension. Alternatively, the company could use MapWindow as a platform and build a specialized application that does the needed function and then give it or sell it directly to end user with no need for third party software purchases.

The following documentation is available to help with understanding and using MapWindow:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Overview of MapWindow

Using MapWindow Desktop GIS Software

MapWindow Shapefile Types

Adding Custom Functionality to MapWindow by Writing Plug-Ins

Using the MapWindow ActiveX Control

MapWindow License Information

Notes on Map Geometry and Projections

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