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 FillRow(MapWinGeoProc.GridWrapper inputGW, MapWinGeoProc.GridWrapper resultGW, ref MapWinGeoProc.Globals.Vertex[][] polyVertArray, int row, double firstXPt, double yPt, int firstCol, int firstRow, double cellWidth, int newNumCols, int oldNumCols, System.Boolean clipToExtents)


Fills a single row in the result grid with values from the input grid
that fall within the polygon shape (or extents, if clipToExtents == true).


inputGW The wrapper object for the input grid.
resultGW The wrapper object for the result grid.
polyVertArray Array[numParts][numPointsPerPart] containing the polygon vertices.
row The row to be filled.
firstXPt The starting x position of the initial row.
yPt The starting y position of the row.
firstCol The first column of the input grid that will be used for filling.
firstRow The row of the input grid that corresponds to the current row of the result grid.
cellWidth dX value of the result grid.
newNumCols The number of columns in the result grid.
oldNumCols The number of columns in the input grid.
clipToExtents True if clipping to polygon extents rather than actual polygon shape.


Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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