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A modular control that can be used for specifying a filename for opening or closing files.


cmdHelp Help button
components Required designer variable.
groupBox1 A group box to surround individual components
lblLight Status Light


FileAccessType Specifies whether an element is being used to open or save a file.
FileTypes Specifies a GIS file category to help narrow down the open/save file dialogs and improve the file format validation.
HelpButtonHandler Public delegate for when someone presses the help button
LightStatus Indicates the allowed values for the status of the element, illustrated by the light
ResizeEndedHandler Fires when the element is no longer being resized.
ResizeStartedHandler Delegate for the when someone starts resizing an element


Constructor Creates a new instance of the FileElement class
Dispose Clean up any resources being used.
HelpText_Append Appends a string to the end of the help content
HelpText_Clear Clears the existing help content.
InitializeComponent Required method for Designer support - do not modify the contents of this method with the code editor.
OnClick Called to fire the click event for this element
OnHelpButtonPressed Called when the help button has been pressed
OnHelpContextChanged Called when the data entry field is entered to change a topic, but only if panel is visible
OnResizeEnded Fires when someone has stopped resizing with the grip
OnResizeStarted Fires when someone uses the resize grip to resize the element


Clicked Fires when the inactive areas around the controls are clicked on the element.
HelpButtonPressed Fires when the help button is clicked.
HelpContextChanged Fires when the the user enters a data entry region. Changes help without opening panel.
ResizeEnded Fires when the element is no longer being resized.
ResizeStarted Fires when the element is being resized.

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