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A generic form that works with the various dialog elements in order to create a fully working process.


components Required designer variable.
Elements A System.Collections.ArrayList that stores a list of all the DialogElements that have been added to this dialog


ElementTypes Specifies the type of files the FileElemnt can use and whether or not it will be opening or saving them.


Add_BooleanElement Adds a new BooleanElement control to the dialog to receive true false information from the users.
Add_FileElement Adds a new FileElement to the dialog and to the Elements arraylist.
Add_TextElement Adds a new TextElement control to the dialog to receive a text parameter from a user.
Constructor A class that will support a collection of DialogElements in order to allow users to specify the parameters to be used for geoproc functions.
Dispose Clean up any resources being used.
InitializeComponent Required method for Designer support - do not modify the contents of this method with the code editor.

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