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 int CalcSiDeterm(ref MapWinGIS.Shapefile lineSF, ref MapWinGIS.Shape polygon, ref int[] intersectsPerLineSeg, ref MapWinGIS.Point[][] intersectionPts, ref int[][] polyIntersectLocs)


Calculates the determinants for line segments with a polygon
to see if any intersections will occur. -- Angela Hillier 10/05


lineSF A line shapefile of 2pt segments.
polygon The polygon to test for intersections with.
intersectsPerLineSeg Out parameter: an array of numbers representing how many
intersections will occur for each line segment.
intersectionPts Out parameter: an array of points, if the point is != (0,0) then
it represents a valid intersection point at the corresponding location in the polygon.
polyIntersectLocs Out paramter: an array of indicies corresponding to where in the polygon
an intersection point is found.


The total number of intersections found for the line shapefile.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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