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 int AlgDiv(string strLeadGridFile, string strValOrGridFile, string strResultGridFile, MapWinGIS.ICallback cback)


Not Implemented
Divides each lead cell by the corresponding cell of the tail grid or by the constant value given.


strLeadGridFile Path to the lead grid being calculated.
strValOrGridFile Will be parsed as either a numeric (int or real) value to use as a constant for all grid cells of a temp data grid used for the calculation or else a path to the location of a grid to be used for the tail of the calculation.
strResultGridFile The path to the resulting output grid created from a divide calculation.
cback An optional callback object which allows progress and messages to be returned during functionality.


Integer representing successful creation on 0 or some error state otherwise.

Visual Basic Net 2005 Example Implementation Code
Visual C# 2005 Example Implementation Code
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