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MapWindow Software

The software listed here is under active development and maintenance by the MapWindow GIS project team.

Desktop Applications

Product Description
MapWindow 4 Desktop MapWindow 4 Desktop is the primary free and open source desktop GIS software produced by the MapWindow team. The most current and previous installers for MapWindow 4 Desktop are available at Use these links to download the latest beta installers: (32-Bit) and (64-Bit)
MapWindow 6 Alpha MapWindow 6 Alpha is a lightweight desktop GIS built upon the DotSpatial library. This software is currently under development and should only be downloaded by people wanting to help program it.
HydroDesktop HydroDesktop is a free and open source desktop application developed in C# .NET that serves as a client for CUAHSI HIS WaterOneFlow web services data and includes data discovery, download, visualization, editing, and integration with other analysis and modeling tools.

Programmer Tools and Libraries

Product Description
MapWinGIS ActiveX MapWinGIS.ocx is used to provide GIS and mapping functionality to any Windows Forms based application.
DotSpatial Libraries DotSpatial aims to provide a free, open source, consistent and dependable set of libraries for the .NET, Silverlight and Mono platforms, enabling developers to easily incorporate spatial data, analysis, and mapping into their applications thereby unleashing the massive potential of GIS in solutions for organizations and communities of all types in a nonrestrictive way.

Additional Downloads

The tools and downloads presented below are largely products developed by individual members of the MapWindow community and are shared here for you to try. These products are not actively maintained or supported by the MapWindow GIS project team.

MapWindow 4 Desktop Plugins

Product Description
Safety Software Suite Crash Analysis, Intersection Analysis, Signs management, Road Shape File Attribute correction Wizard, and more… All for Traffic Safety Improvement.
Shape2Earth Converts shapefiles to Keyhole Markup Language (KML) for viewing in Google Earth.
Vector and Raster Processing Toolkit (VnRPToolkit) Contains fourteen major tools like Join Attribute, Shape2Kml, Shape2Gml, Shape2GeoJSON, Shape2Gpx, Eucledian Buffer, Raster Calculator, Reclassification, Rec-Calc, Fuzzy Logic, Multipart2SinglePart, Polygon2Line, Poly2Nodes and Attribute Selector. The raster tools can be used in a similar way to spatial analyst toolbox of ArcGIS.
AutoCAD Layer Exporter The ACAD Exporter will export all entities visible in the window to AutoCAD. This plug-in requires a valid license for AutoCAD on your computer.
UMN Mapserver Exporter This is a MapWindow plug-in to export the currently loaded project to a University of Minnesota MapServer project.
Online Data Plug-in The MapWindow Online Data Plug-in is an open-source plug-in intended to allow easy access to online data sources, provided by ArcIMS or OGC-compliant web servers.
Bayesian Analysis Plugin using SMILE A plugin to visually display and analyze spatially-oriented bayesian decision networks by associating nodes with GIS spatial locations in a point shape file.
Mapserver Project Generator A plugin used to generate a full Mapserver project from GIS layers opened in MapWindow.
GPS and Sampling Tools for MapWindow The mwGPS plug-in is designed to allow any COM port enabled, NMEA-0183 protocol GPS unit to be used with MapWindow to display GPS location and information and log various information with it. The mwSampling plug-in is used to form xml templates for shapefiles used for manual or GPS sampling. These templates allow simplified interface to adding new shapes to a shapefile, including default values, value lists, and meaningful attribute names.
Visual Studio 2005 Express Plug-in Template This project file enables debugging MapWindow plug-ins from Visual Studio 2005 Express.
Shapefile to Grid Converts a shapefile to a grid. Polygon, line and point shapefiles are supported. The resulting grid can be in ascii text, .bgd or GeoTiff file format.
LiDAR Reader Plugin A plugin that reads and converts ASPRS LAS format LiDAR files to shapefiles. It also includes several methods for filtering the data based on information contained in the LAS file.
HEC-RAS Utilities v 0.0.7 (Alpha) HEC-RAS Import/Export Utilities.
Text to Shape file Converting a text file to a shape file.
3D Viewer 3D Viewer Plug-in for MapWindow. Add a DEM grid and other layers to the map. Click on the map and the plug-in will show a 3D view of the surrounding area.
JeoPeg Manager Creates a point shapefile from Geo-Tagged Jpegs / Preview Image, Location & Google Maps.
Open GML Files Open GML files by converting it to SHP files.
Swift-D Swift-D brings forward, in a simple user interface, its ability to swiftly label, apply legend, add data to shapefile tables and import external data like excel, access and dbf files.
KML-2-Shapefile Converts KML and KMZ files into shapefiles.
3-D TIN Viewer Plug-in This source code includes C++ code for an ActiveX control 3-D Triangulated Irregular Network viewer as well as code for a MapWindow plug-in for working with TINs.
Photo Viewer Plug-in This plug-in allows one to link a shapefile of photo points on a map to digital photos.
Streamflow Analyst Plug-in This plug-in allows one to link a shapefile of streamflow gaging stations to station and streamflow data in an external database. The tool includes functions for computing statistical summaries and producing a variety of plots. To compile the source code, you will need a license to the GigaSoft ProEssentials graphing library.
Water Quality Analyst Plug-in This plug-in allows one to link a shapefile of water quality gaging stations to station and water quality data in an external database. The tool includes functions for computing statistical summaries and producing a variety of plots. To compile the source code, you will need a license to the GigaSoft ProEssentials graphing library.
Path Analyzer This is a sample MapWindow Application plug-in written with Visual Basic 2005.

Other (Utilities,etc.)

inp.PINS Use this tool to generate SWMM input file (.inp) based on GIS files (shape and DEM grid files) and also, after SWMM modeling, to built flood plain shape files by combining the result SWMM file (.rpt) with a DEM grid.
MonoComp MonoComp initially was concieved for analysing image profiles by Variance-CoVariance Analysis methods and as tool to measure image coordinates (pixel positions).
CSV to Shapefile Converter This is a tool for converting CSV (“Comma Separated Value”) files, or any delimited text files, into ESRI Shapefiles, the format used by ArcMap and MapWindow.
Time Analysis of Census Data An example of using MapWinGIS for a custom application. Performs time series animation of census data.
Get Map Extents Tool A tool to easily get extents of map data.
MapWindow GIS ActiveX Control Toolstrip This toolstrip contains basic buttons for use with the MapWinGIS ActiveX Control.
MapWindow Application Development Tutorial FOSS4G 2008 Tutorial.
Hike Difficulty Analysis This is a sample Visual Basic 2005 project utilizing the MapWinGIS ActiveX control to build a custom application.
MapWindow.Web Builder and Server MapWindow.Web provides a code base without using ActiveX components, mainly to allow easier use from within ASP.Net web applications. Designed from the ground up for utmost speed, the component is capable of serving a large number of web users at the same time.

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