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Plugins: Swift Series

Description: The Swift series of Plugins facilitate the completion of simple tasks (done) SWIFTLY (or quickly) using already available functions and capabilities. Swift-D brings forward in a simple user interface, its ability to label, apply legend, add data to shapefile tables and import external data like excel, access and dbf files. This plugin is specially written for users who are new enterents/swimmers in GIS field and testing waters. Remember, this plugin works only with shapefiles. Coming Soon:

Swift-W ( Web: for converting shapes/shapefiles to WKT,GPX,GML,GeoRSS,GeoJSON,etc formats),
Swift-G (Geoprojection: for quick and easy geo-projection) and
Swift-T (Tables: for quick table data (*.dbf file) manipulation)


  • Swift-D.dll (Zip File - July 18, 2012.) | The Plugin folder /SwiftD/, copy it to /Program files/MapWindow/Plugins.

Improvements: Swift-D plugin needs testing, bug-fixing and improvements. We will appreciate if you can send us your feedback and RfI (Request for Improvements).

Developer: Dinesh Grover

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