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International Open Source GIS Conference

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Participants of the Open Source GIS Conference 2012

From June 25 through June 28, 2012 the Open Source GIS Conference (also known as the 3rd International MapWindow GIS Conference 2012) was held at VanHall-Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Velp, The Netherlands.
This conference was organized by the MapWindow GIS, DotSpatial, SharpMap and communities in partnership with Alumni association VVA-Larenstein.
The purpose of the 4-day conference was to highlight significant aspects of Open Source GIS.

The first 3 days had a strong international character as developers and users from around the world gathered to share experiences and demonstrate the latest applications. Each morning started with a keynote and continue with several presentations. These presentations were about Open Source GIS and Open Data in the broadest sense possible. There were presentations about MapWinGIS and the SOBEK model, on SharpMap, Geostatistics, QGIS, OpenStreetMap, etc. After lunch workshops were held.

This was an excellent opportunity to participate in workshops, present your projects, and be an integral part of the open source GIS community!

One of the 4 international workshops, as given during the Open Source GIS Conference 2012

Representatives and participants from all open source GIS software projects were invited! While the conference is being sponsored by MapWindow and OSGeo DotNet, we viewed this as a true FOSS4G event and invited anyone interested in Open Source Geospatial to join us!
Over 200 people from 17 countries came to the conference, making this conference a great success!

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38 presentations were giving about different GIS-related topics.
Most presentations have been recorded. Go to the presentations page for the links to the recordings and some photos. Thursday, June 28

The Day on Thursday, June 28 focused on presenting the Open Source development in The Netherlands. The presentations and workshops were in Dutch and included specific topics such as BAG, BGT, PDOK, etc.
More information on this day can be found on the website. This website is in Dutch only.

Open Xchange

On Thursday 28 June in the auditorium of Larenstein (a freely accessible location) there was an exhibition of companies. Various Geo companies and institutions (large and small, Open Source or not) have presented themselves.
Click here for a list of companies that were on the Xchange.


The conference was financially dependent upon the entry fees and sponsorship. With the money we received, we could not only organize the conference but also provide scholarships to specific individuals who are important in the Open Source GIS community but did not have the financial means to come to the conference. Go to the sponsor page for more information on who sponsored us.

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Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences

TopX Geo-ICT - Support for MapWindow GIS

Idaho State University

Alumnivereniging VVA Larenstein


Idaho NSF EPSCoR Program

Esri Global Inc.

4th International Conference on Cartography and GIS in Bulgaria

TatukGIS Benelux

Additional sponsors needed! Please go to the sponsor page if you can help sponsor a break, meal, equipment or otherwise.