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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AxMapMap component for visualization of vector, raster or grid data
AxMap_DeprecatedHolds members that once were a part of AxMap class. New API members to substitute deprecated ones are listed in description
ChartRepresents a single chart on the map
ChartFieldRepresents a single bar or sector of the chart
ChartsProvides functionality for generation and managing the charts on the map
ColorSchemeProvides methods for random colour generation and colour interpolation based on the specific set of colour breaks
DrawingRectangleRepresents a rectangle that can be rendered on the map
ESRIGridManagerAn ESRI grid manager object provides functions which facilitate using ESRI grids with MapWinGIS
ExpressionRepresents expression parser and evaluator
ExtentsRepresents a rectangle on the map
FieldRepresents a single field of the attribute table
FieldStatOperationsDefines group statistic operations for columns of shapefile attribute table
FileManagerProvides functionality for opening and examining different types of datasources
FunctionRepresents a function supported by built-in expression parser
GdalDatasetRepresents a light wrapper around GDAL raster dataset which allows to perform some operations without using more advanced classes like RasterSource or GridSource
GdalDriverRepresents a single GDAL driver. Please refer to GDAL documentation for more details information
GdalDriverManagerHolds all available GDAL drivers
GdalRasterBandRepresents a single band of raster datasource. Please refer to GDAL documentation for more details information
GeoProjectionHolds information about coordinate system and projection of the data
GlobalSettingsHolds global settings for MapWinGIS. Allows to retrieve GDAL errors
GridThe grid object is used to represent a grid which can be added to the map
GridColorBreakA grid color break object defines how a specified region of a grid will be colored
GridColorSchemeA grid color scheme defines how a grid will be colored
GridHeaderA grid header object is used to hold the information contained in a grid's header
ICallbackAn interface for callback objects which can be used to return information about progress and errors
IdentifierProvides settings for built-in identifier tool (cmIdentify cursor)
ImageRepresents an raster image of particular format which may be added to the map
LabelRepresents a single label on the map
LabelCategoryRepresents visualization options for labels displayed on the map
LabelsRepresents a list of labels of the map layer and their visualization options
LinePatternProvides means for defining custom pattern from lines and point symbols for rendering polyline layers
LineSegmentHolds information about a single line or marker in the line pattern represented by LinePattern class
MeasuringHandles built-in distance and area measuring on the map
OgrDatasourceRepresents GDAL/OGR vector datasource which may be represented by spatial database or file-based vector format
OgrLayerRepresents a single layer in GDAL/OGR datasource or result of SQL query against such datasource
PointA point object represents a point with x, y, Z, and M values. Shapes created by adding point objects to the shape
SelectionListHolds list of shapes and pixels which where identified by user with Identify tool
ShapeA shape object represents a geometric shape which can be added to a shapefile which is displayed in the map
ShapeDrawingOptionsHolds the set of options for visualization of shapefiles
ShapeEditorFacilitates interactive creation and editing of vector shapes
ShapefileProvides a functionality for accessing and editing ESRI shapefiles
ShapefileCategoriesRepresents a list of visualization categories which determine the appearance of the shapefile
ShapefileCategoryRepresents a set of visualization options for shapefile layer
ShapefileColorBreakDefines a part of shapefile color scheme and specifies how a certain region of a shapefile will be colored
ShapefileColorSchemeA shapefile color scheme defines how a shapefile will be colored
ShapeNetworkRepresents a network built from the polyline shapefile
ShapeValidationInfoProvides information about validation of a single shapefile before or after certain operation
TableThe table object is used to store information from the dbf file associated with a shapefile
TileProvidersHolds the list of tile providers associated with Tiles class
TilesDownloads and displays data from online TMS tile services, like OpenStreetMap
TinRepresents a triangulated irregular network which may be displayed in the map
UndoListHolds list of actions performed by user with interactive editing tools to enable undo functionality
UtilsA utils object provides access to a set of utility functions to perform a variety of tasks on other objects such as grids, images, points, shapes, shapefiles, tins, etc
VectorA vector object is used to represent the light source for a grid color scheme
WmsLayerRepresents a layer downloading and displaying the data from the particular WMS Server
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