Version history

API changes.

Changes in version 4.9.3.

1. Added support for variety of vector datasources through GDAL/OGR drivers.

2. Built-in Shape Editor. Supports:

3. .NET Demo application which demonstrates the usage of the latest API:

4. Improved selection tool:

5. New tool to display shapefile attributes (cmIdentify ):

6. Improved API to handle projection mismatch for layers:

7. Improved error reporting:

8. Major decrease of memory leaking:

10. Smaller API changes

11. Important fixes for unmanaged IDEs:

12. Update of tile providers:

Changes in version 4.9.2.

1. New zoom bar (AxMap.ShowZoomBar):

2. Enhanced handling of online tiles:

3. Built-in GDAL overview creation and recognition for grid datasources:

4. Built-in projection mismatch behaviours (AxMap.ProjectionMismatchBehavior):

6. New OpenStreetMap Humanitarian tile provider.

Changes in version 4.9.1.

1. Enhanced handling of grids:

2. New FileManager class:

3. Measuring tool:

3. Enhanced scalebar & coordinates display:

4. New properties to initialize map control from .NET form designer:

5. Additional built-in keyboard shortcuts:

6. New functionality to initialize map projection from data layers:

7. Support of discrete zoom levels defined by tiles providers:

8. Methods for conversion of map coordinates to decimal degrees (if map projection supports this):

9. tkKnownExtents enumeration for all countries:

10. Unicode support for filenames in major part of code, although not everywhere yet:

11. New API members in GeoProjection class:

12. Shapefile validation:

13. Statistic operations on fields of attribute table for shape dissolving functions:

14. More convenient properties to set visualization category for shape:

15. New methods in Shape class:

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