I. Specification.

Source language:unmanaged C++
Technology:ActiveX control and COM classes
Platform:Microsoft Windows (Win32 or Win64)
License: Mozilla Public License v.1.1. (http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/)
Functionality:data visualization and geoprocessing
Intended use:desktop applications with GIS functionality

II. Registration.

As any COM server MapWinGIS requires registration in Windows to make its classes available to clients. MapWinGIS installation package performs this task. Alternativly to register or unregister the library, regsvr32 command line utility can be used.

The prerequisite for successful registration is the presence of all the external dlls, either in the same folder with MapWinGIS or in the other search locations. Use Dependency Walker to find out the missing dependecies.

III. The list of supported data formats.

Vector Raster Grid
ESRI Shapefile (.shp) ASCII Grid Images (.asc)
Binary Terrain Images (.bt)
BIL (ESRI HDR/BIL Images) (.bil)
Bitmap Images (.bmp)
Dem Images (.dem)
ECW Images (.ecw)
Erdas Imagine Images (.img)
GIF Images (.gif)
PC Raster Images (.map)
JPEG2000 Images (.jp2)
JPEG Images (.jpg)
SID (MrSID Images) (.sid)
PNG Images (.pgm;.pnm;.png;.ppm)
BSB/KAP (.kap)
Tagged Image File Format (.tif)
ASCII Text (ESRI Ascii Grid) (.asc, .arc)
BIL (ESRI HDR/BIL Images) (.bil)
DTED Elevation (.dhm, .dt0, .dt1)
ERDAS Imagine (.img)
ESRI FLT (.flt)
ESRI Grid (sta.adf)
GeoTIFF (.tif)
PAux (PCI .aux Labelled) (.aux)
PIX (PCIDSK Database File) (.pix)
USGS SDTS 30m (.ddf)
USU Binary (.bgd)

GDAL library is used as a major provider of raster and grid data. Check http://www.gdal.org for the detailed information about the supported formats.

IV. External libraries.

MapWinGIS depends on a number of libraies. They can be linked either:

In 4.8 an effort was made to link all the major dependencies statically, which led to the larger size of binary file but easier deployment policies.

Here are some major external libraries.

LibraryDescriptionHome pageDefault linking (v.4.8)
GDALSupports raster and image formats, XML serialization.http://www.gdal.orgstatic
GEOSGeoprocessing operations for vector data.http://geos.osgeo.orgstatic
PROJ.4Reprojection of data.http://proj.osgeo.orgstatic
LibspatialindexThe file-based spatial index for ESRI shapefiles.http://libspatialindex.github.com/static

The binary versions of dlls can be found on the home pages of corresponding products or here.
For those who want to build MapWinGIS from the source, the .lib files for the external libraries can be downloaded here.

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