This example demonstrates how to visualize a moving vehicle on the map. The examples loads the layers with roads and buildings. A path for a vehicle is opened a separate shapefile with a single closed polyline shape. It is not added to the map. On the events generated by timer a new position of the vehicle is calculated assuming the constant speed. Then a red dot is displayed on the drawing layer on every even occurrence of the event (0, 2, 4, etc). The drawing layer is cleared on every new occurrence of the event. The usage of the drawing layer helps to avoid complete redraws of the map which can be slow. Here is a screenshot with the results of the code execution.

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using AxMapWinGIS;
using MapWinGIS;
namespace Examples
public partial class MapExamples
private double m_distance = 0.0; // the distance passed
private double m_step = 10.0; // the distance to pass on a single timer event
private Shape m_path = null; // the shape which holds the path of vehicle
private int m_count = 0; // number of steps performed
public Timer m_timer = new Timer();
// <summary>
// Loads the layers, registers event handlers
// </summary>
public void Tracking(AxMap axMap1, string dataPath)
axMap1.Projection = tkMapProjection.PROJECTION_NONE;
axMap1.GrabProjectionFromData = true;
axMap1.DisableWaitCursor = true;
string filename1 = dataPath + "buildings.shp";
string filename2 = dataPath + "roads.shp";
string filename3 = dataPath + "path.shp";
if (!File.Exists(filename1) || !File.Exists(filename2) || !File.Exists(filename3))
MessageBox.Show("Couldn't find the files (buildings.shp, roads.shp, path.shp): " + dataPath);
Shapefile sf = new Shapefile();
sf.Open(filename1, null);
axMap1.AddLayer(sf, true);
sf = new Shapefile();
sf.Open(filename2, null);
sf.Labels.Generate("[Name]", tkLabelPositioning.lpLongestSegement, false);
Utils utils = new Utils();
LinePattern pattern = new LinePattern();
pattern.AddLine(utils.ColorByName(tkMapColor.Brown), 10.0f, tkDashStyle.dsSolid);
pattern.AddLine(utils.ColorByName(tkMapColor.Yellow), 9.0f, tkDashStyle.dsSolid);
axMap1.AddLayer(sf, true);
sf = new Shapefile();
sf.Open(filename3, null);
m_path = sf.Shape[0];
axMap1.MapUnits = tkUnitsOfMeasure.umMeters;
axMap1.CurrentScale = 5000.0;
m_timer.Interval = 250;
m_timer.Tick += TimerTick;
// <summary>
// Calculates the new position
// </summary>
void TimerTick(object sender, EventArgs e)
// moves car a step further
m_distance += m_step;
if (m_distance > m_path.Length)
m_distance = m_path.Length - m_distance;
//calculating the current position (x2, y2)
double distance = 0.0;
double x1, x2, y1, y2;
x1= x2 = y1 = y2 = 0.0;
for (int i = 1; i < m_path.numPoints; i++)
m_path.get_XY(i, ref x2, ref y2);
m_path.get_XY(i - 1, ref x1, ref y1);
double val = Math.Sqrt(Math.Pow(x2 - x1, 2.0) + Math.Pow(y2 - y1, 2.0));
if (distance + val > m_distance)
double ratio = (m_distance - distance) / val;
x2 = x1 + (x2 - x1) * ratio;
y2 = y1 + (y2 - y1) * ratio;
//distance += val * ratio;
if (distance + val < m_distance)
distance += val;
this.DrawPosition(x2, y2);
// <summary>
// Displays the point in the current position
// </summary>
private void DrawPosition(double x, double y)
Extents ext = axMap1.Extents as Extents;
if (x < ext.xMin || x > ext.xMax || y < ext.yMin || y > ext.yMax)
double width = (ext.xMax - ext.xMin) / 2.0;
double height = (ext.yMax - ext.yMin) / 2.0;
ext.SetBounds(x - width, y - height, 0.0, x + width, y + height, 0.0);
axMap1.Extents = ext;
if (m_count % 2 == 0)
int handle = axMap1.NewDrawing(tkDrawReferenceList.dlScreenReferencedList);
double pxX = 0.0;
double pxY = 0.0;
axMap1.ProjToPixel(x, y, ref pxX, ref pxY);
axMap1.DrawCircleEx(handle, pxX, pxY, 5.0, 255, true);
// the function can be called when the form is about to close
The available positioning of the label relative to the parent shape.
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A list of named constants for some of the well-known colors.
Definition: Enumerations.cs:951
The available style of lines. Can be used for drawing polylines and outlines of the polygons.
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Commonly used map projections to be set in Form Designer (see AxMap.Projection property).
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The possible units of measure for the data being displaying on map.
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The type of spatial reference for the drawing layer.
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Map component for visualization of vector, raster or grid data.
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Represents a rectangle on the map.
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The maximum x bound for the extents object.
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double yMax
The maximum y bound for the extents object.
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Sets the bounds for the extents object.
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double yMin
Gets the minimum y bound for the extents object
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uint ColorByName(tkMapColor Name)
Returns the numeric representation for the specified color.
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Clears all drawings on all drawing layers, and removes all drawing layers. This method is slower than...
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Extents Extents
Gets or sets the extents of the map using an Extents object.
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