This example demonstrates how to calculate the minimal distance from each building to the river and visualize it by charts. Here is a screenshot with the results of the code execution.

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using AxMapWinGIS;
using MapWinGIS;
namespace Examples
public partial class MapExamples
// <summary>
// Calculates a minimal distance from each building to the river.
// </summary>
public void MinimalDistance(AxMap axMap1, string dataPath, ToolStripStatusLabel label)
axMap1.Projection = tkMapProjection.PROJECTION_NONE;
axMap1.GrabProjectionFromData = true;
string filename1 = dataPath + "waterways.shp";
string filename2 = dataPath + "buildings.shp";
if (!File.Exists(filename1) || !File.Exists(filename2))
MessageBox.Show("The necessary files (waterways.shp, building.shp) are missing: " + dataPath);
Shapefile sfRivers = new Shapefile();
sfRivers.Open(filename1, null);
Utils utils = new Utils();
Shapefile sfBuildings = new Shapefile();
sfBuildings.Open(filename2, null);
// adds a field in the table
Field field = new Field();
field.Name = "RiverDist";
field.Type = FieldType.DOUBLE_FIELD;
field.Precision = 10;
int fieldIndex = sfBuildings.NumFields;
sfBuildings.StartEditingShapes(true, null);
sfBuildings.EditInsertField(field, ref fieldIndex, null);
ShapefileCategory ct = sfBuildings.Categories.Add("Named buildings");
ct.Expression = "[Name] <> \"\"";
sfRivers.StartEditingShapes(false, null);
for (int i = 0; i < sfBuildings.NumShapes; i++)
if (sfBuildings.ShapeCategory[i] == 0)
label.Text = "Processing building: " + (i + 1) + " / " + sfBuildings.NumShapes;
Shape shp = sfBuildings.Shape[i];
double minDist = Double.MaxValue;
for (int j = 0; j < sfRivers.NumShapes; j++)
Shape shp2 = sfRivers.Shape[j];
double distance = shp.Distance(shp2);
if (distance < minDist)
minDist = distance;
if (minDist != Double.MaxValue)
sfBuildings.EditCellValue(fieldIndex, i, minDist);
sfBuildings.EditCellValue(fieldIndex, i, 0.0);
sfRivers.StopEditingShapes(false, true, null);
sfBuildings.Categories.Generate(fieldIndex, tkClassificationType.ctNaturalBreaks, 8);
ColorScheme scheme = new ColorScheme();
scheme.SetColors2(tkMapColor.Blue, tkMapColor.Yellow);
sfBuildings.Categories.ApplyColorScheme(tkColorSchemeType.ctSchemeGraduated, scheme);
sfBuildings.Labels.Generate("[Name] + \"\n\" + [RiverDist] + \" m\"", tkLabelPositioning.lpCentroid, true);
sfBuildings.Labels.TextRenderingHint = tkTextRenderingHint.SystemDefault;
sfBuildings.VisibilityExpression = "[Name] <> \"\"";
axMap1.AddLayer(sfRivers, true);
axMap1.AddLayer(sfBuildings, true);
label.Text = "";
The available positioning of the label relative to the parent shape.
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The type of the classification available for ShapefileCategories.Generate and Labels....
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A list of named constants for some of the well-known colors.
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The type of color scheme. Determines how colors will be extracted from the color scheme (see Shapefil...
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The available types of fields of dbf table.
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Commonly used map projections to be set in Form Designer (see AxMap.Projection property).
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Map component for visualization of vector, raster or grid data.
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Provides methods for random colour generation and colour interpolation based on the specific set of c...
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Clears all the existing breaks and creates 2 breaks with the specified colours.
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Represents a single field of the attribute table.
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FieldType Type
Gets or sets the field type of the field.
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Gets or sets the name of the field.
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int Precision
Gets or sets the precision of the field. Precision only applies to fields of fieldtype double.
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float LineWidth
Gets or sets the width of the lines to draw shapes.
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uint LineColor
Gets or sets the line color of the shapes.
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double Distance(Shape shape)
Calculates the distance between 2 shapes.
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ShapefileCategory Add(string Name)
Creates a new visualization category, adds it to the list and returns its reference to the caller.
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void ApplyExpressions()
Maps shapes to the visualization categories based in ShapefileCategory.Expression.
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void ApplyColorScheme(tkColorSchemeType Type, ColorScheme ColorScheme)
Applies color scheme to the visualization categories.
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int NumShapes
Gets the number of shapes in the shapefile.
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ShapeDrawingOptions DefaultDrawingOptions
Gets or sets an instance of ShapeDrawingOptions class which holds default drawing options.
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ShapefileCategories Categories
Gets or sets an instance of ShapefileCategories class associated with the shapefile.
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string VisibilityExpression
Gets or sets the expression which defines shapes to be visible on the map.
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A utils object provides access to a set of utility functions to perform a variety of tasks on other o...
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uint ColorByName(tkMapColor Name)
Returns the numeric representation for the specified color.
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int Generate(string Expression, tkLabelPositioning Method, bool LargestPartOnly)
Generates labels for each shape of the parent shapefile.
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tkTextRenderingHint TextRenderingHint
Gets or sets rendering hint to be used during GDI+ rendering.
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int AddLayer(object Object, bool visible)
Adds a layer to the map.
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bool StopEditingShapes(bool applyChanges, bool stopEditTable, ICallback cBack)
Stops editing modes for the shapefile and optionally saves the changes.
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bool StartEditingShapes(bool startEditTable, ICallback cBack)
Starts editing mode for the shapefile.
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bool Open(string shapefileName, ICallback cBack)
Opens shapefile from the disk.
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bool EditCellValue(int fieldIndex, int shapeIndex, object newVal)
Sets the new value for particular cell in attribute table. The table must be in editing mode.
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